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A patent-pending adjustable recycle system reliably increases solids capture to 99% or higher by returning only the 'pressate' from the high-pressure dewatering zone back to the mixing tanks.

ESR-352 ESR-353

Volute Thickener Models VT-201 VT-202 VT-301 VT-302 VT-303 VT-304

Cake solids from this ES-201 Volute contain 50% FOG. Despite the grease and oil, it ran with zero wash water for four months!

PWTech's ES-302 Volute can run at up to 70 GPM. Clean filtrate drops out of the dewatering drum while cake is discharged from the end.

PWTech's ES-302 uses two drums for twice the throughput of the ES-301.

This ES-353[2] Volute in a food processing industrial application automatically runs at 80-130 GPM depending on the amount of feed solids. An open dewatering drum slot in the center allows for future expansion.

PWTech's Volute presses frequently ship with conveyors and pumps controlled from the same touchscreen. The press automatically starts and stops the connected equipment. Dry cake solids from the Volute press are discharged from this conveyor before disposal.

PWTech's Volute Thickeners are rated for up to 150 GPM per thickening drum. This two drum model rated for 300 GPM is able to run at close to 500 GPM on thickened raw wastewater.