Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal


The PWTech® Hybrid Biological Nutrient Removal (HBNR) process is a widely utilized technology for treating wastewater to a very high standard, particularly when stringent nutrients requirements are in force. Combining the performance advantages of continuous flow aerobic/anoxic reactors and the cost-simplicity benefits of sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), the HBNR process offers dependable and stable performance with minimal operator requirements. Smart design makes the process highly cost effective and minimizes ongoing operating and maintence issues.

  • Ideal for stringent nutrient removal requirements
  • Cost effective installation
  • Gas lock siphon (GLS) decant system has no moving parts
  • Requires minimal operator attention
  • High quality effluent
  • Maintains performance during wet weather flow conditions

The process is designed on a case by case basis. The design elements are flexible, allowing locally available forms or existing tankage to be utilized, minimizing construction time and cost. A single treatment train is optimal up to 30,000 EP.

Contact PWTech engineers for help with system design.